These services cover the whole cable’s lifecycle: design, manufacturing, installation and maintenance. NERIO provides competent and reliable professionals relying on thirty years of experience who contribute effectively to the successful execution of your projects. The services provided include: 

Termination & Testing

Advisory, training, supervision, and competent resources at every step of the works, during design and tendering phase as well during construction and maintenance activities. We cover Medium Voltage, High Voltage, and Fiber Optics cable jointing services, Onshore & Offshore. Termination & Testing (T&T) activity is essential to ensure reliable and efficient operation of power transmission and distribution systems associated with renewable energy generation.


In the design phase of an offshore project we provide advisory or independent technical review of the project technical specifications, risks evaluation, 3D workspace review, cable routing, inspection and testing methods, and ensure safe and efficient pull-in and termination activities. We review or define the most suitable execution scenario for the project, work method, taking into considerations the specific technical and logistical constraints to optimize the execution scheme. 

Competence training 

High-quality training based on experience and best industry practices to the personnel involved in the cable T&T operations. Bespoke training sessions can be organized on demand for project specific needs, cables and accessories.

Mock-up sessions

Before the actual cable T&T take place, it is essential to conduct mock-ups or simulations to ensure that the processes and methodologies are sound and efficient. NERIO oversees these mock-ups and provides training supervision to personnel involved in the cable T&T operations. This helps to familiarize the team with the processes and ensures they are adequately prepared for the actual work.

On site inspections and execution

During the cable termination and testing activities on-site, NERIO provides supervision and oversight. Our experts closely monitor the operations to ensure that all procedures are followed correctly, safety standards are adhered to, and the work quality is ensured. This on-site supervision helps to address promptly any potential deviation or issues and ensures the successful execution of the project. 

Cable pull-in assistance

This service provides customer assistance from early design phase to execution. Our engineering capability includes 3D pull-in route verification, pull-in loads analysis, detailed operational procedures and QA/QC control plans. We provide onsite personnel and supervision of the works.    

Fault investigation

NERIO assists on the identification and localization of the cable fault, whether Onshore & Offshore. We bring our expertise to establish mitigation and repair scenarios.

Operation & Maintenance

Planning and technical advisory

We assist our Clients in developing effective operation and maintenance (O&M) strategies for their power cables. This includes technical guidance on inspection, maintenance, and short track repair planning to ensure the cables long-term performance and reliability, thus minimizing the Levelized Cost of Energy (LCOE) for the project. The company keeps track of the integrity of your cable assets and spare parts. We provide Onshore & Offshore assistance to select appropriate cable and accessories inspection, survey and monitoring techniques. We support customers on different topics (temperature, corrosion, biofouling, depth of cover, mechanical protections, etc.). 

O&M interventions

This service proposes the management of your assets and includes: 

  • Management of the asset health and integrity data; 
  • Supervision of the regular on-site inspections, survey, inspections and maintenance, Onshore & Offshore, including subsea ROV inspection survey;  
  • Maintaining the operational response plan over time with subcontractors or partners; 
  • Preservation and storage of spare parts and accessories;
  • Assistance to prepare short track repair contracts requirements, assistance with anticipating short-track engineering, spot market vessels identifications, bespoke project teams and jointers mobilization. 

In case of fault or unplanned event, NERIO will be committed to analysing the situation and causes, define and plan the best response, provide project management assistance, supervision and resources for the intervention.  

Our services

We strongly hold that every Client’s project is unique and deserves rigorous scrutiny. Through management and commitment from skilled and dedicated professionals, we ensure the success of your project.

We excel in providing comprehensive Power Cable solutions, including Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services. Our team of experts ensures the optimal performance of your offshore energy infrastructure.

Navigating marine construction projects can be complex. We offer reliable Marine Consultancy and Supervision services to ensure smooth project execution, from initial planning to project completion.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are ready to support your operations. Whether you need technicians, engineers, safety personnel, or project managers, we have the right expert for your project.