Relying on experienced professionals from the Offshore industry, NERIO understands and analyses the risks and specificities of the marine environment. This service focuses on providing independent engineering, operational support and offshore supervision for marine construction activities, as listed below: 


This component of the Marine Operations services involves providing expert support from the office or onshore location. The services offered under this category include: 

  • Transport and Installation Engineering: Assisting Clients in defining the most efficient and safe methods for mobilization, transport or towage, loading, and installation of equipment at sea, such as offshore floating platforms, subsea structures, mooring systems, pipelines and submarine power cables systems;
  • Installation Analysis: Conducting detailed hydrodynamic analysis of all the installation loads in different scenario and weather conditions to ensure proper planning and execution, providing weather limitations, vessel and equipment limitations, and safety protocols; 
  • Lifting Analysis: Assessing the lifting requirements and load capacity of equipment and structures to ensure they can be safely handled and installed;
  • Risk Analysis: Identifying potential risks and hazards associated with marine construction activities and proposing risk mitigation measures; 
  • Weather Limitation and SIMOPS Analysis: Evaluating the impact of specific weather conditions on construction activities and performing a SIMOPS (Simultaneous Operations) analysis to manage multiple concurrent operations safely;
  • Vessel Selection: Advising Clients on selecting the appropriate vessels based on the specific needs of the construction project;
  • Tender Assistance: Supporting Clients in preparing tender documents and evaluating bids from contractors and service providers;
  • Project Management Services: Providing overall project management support, including scheduling, budgeting, and coordination of the activities related to marine construction. 


The services offered include: 

  • Vessel Inspection: Conducting inspections of vessels to ensure they meet safety and regulatory standards before they are deployed for marine construction operations; 
  • Vessel Mobilization Support or Supervision: Assisting in the preparation and mobilization of vessels for marine construction projects; 
  • Marine Coordination Support: Coordinating marine activities from the port to the worksite, to ensure seamless communication for a safe and efficient workflow during construction operations. 


This part of the service involves supervising and overseeing marine construction activities. The services offered include: 

  • Construction Works Supervision or Inspection: On-site coordination and supervision to ensure preparedness, adherence to procedures, quality standards and safety protocols, during mobilization and execution; 
  • Management of Sensitive Installation Phases: Managing crucial phases of the installation process to ensure smooth step by step execution and minimize potential risks; 
  • Management of Change: dealing with any changes or unforeseen deviation and challenges that arise during the construction process and providing effective solutions to address them. 

Our services

We strongly hold that every Client’s project is unique and deserves rigorous scrutiny. Through management and commitment from skilled and dedicated professionals, we ensure the success of your project.

We excel in providing comprehensive Power Cable solutions, including Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services. Our team of experts ensures the optimal performance of your offshore energy infrastructure.

Navigating marine construction projects can be complex. We offer reliable Marine Consultancy and Supervision services to ensure smooth project execution, from initial planning to project completion.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are ready to support your operations. Whether you need technicians, engineers, safety personnel, or project managers, we have the right expert for your project.