Staff play crucial roles in ensuring that projects are conducted with a strong focus on safety, efficiency, and adherence to industry standards and regulations. Let’s explore each aspect of this service: 

Office based personnel

Highly skilled personnel will assist your project from bid to execution, covering project Management roles, PMO, planning, documentation, interfaces, QHSE and risks, package engineers and specialist technicians and engineers, offshore installation engineers.

Onshore & Offshore Representatives

Site representatives are experienced personnel who act on behalf of the Client to follow-up a specific task of the project execution. They represent the Client’s interests on the worksite and ensure that project requirements, objectives are effectively communicated to the various teams. They can provide detailed and independent reporting of the actual work progress.

Quality & HSE services

Quality and HSE (Health, Safety, and Environment) services involve personnel with expertise in maintaining high-quality standards and ensuring compliance with safety and environmental regulations. These personnel play a vital role in implementing quality control measures, conducting inspections, and enforcing safety protocols to minimize risks and maintain a safe working environment offshore. 

Incident review and learnings

In the event of any incidents or accidents during offshore operations, Nerio provides personnel for incident review. These professionals independently analyse and document the facts and available data from the site and investigate the root causes of incidents, the contributing factors, and propose corrective and preventive actions to avoid similar occurrences in the future. Incident review personnel help improve safety and operational practices, ensuring continuous learning and improvement within the offshore operations. 

Our services

We strongly hold that every Client’s project is unique and deserves rigorous scrutiny. Through management and commitment from skilled and dedicated professionals, we ensure the success of your project.

We excel in providing comprehensive Power Cable solutions, including Installation, Maintenance & Repair Services. Our team of experts ensures the optimal performance of your offshore energy infrastructure.

Navigating marine construction projects can be complex. We offer reliable Marine Consultancy and Supervision services to ensure smooth project execution, from initial planning to project completion.

We have a team of highly skilled professionals who are ready to support your operations. Whether you need technicians, engineers, safety personnel, or project managers, we have the right expert for your project.